Thursday, July 17, 2008

Rocket in the Sky

Story Time!
Yesterday, as I was trying to pick out what to wear, I rummaged through my bottom drawer desparately looking for a pair of shorts. Though I like the ones I own, none of them seemed to capture what I felt like that day. All of a sudden, my wide-legged jeans caught my eye. They're high-waisted and have a cute button that I sewed on the top in replace of the cheap one F21 provided. I thought for a second about those jeans, about how they look great on tall people, and sadly remembered my own height: 5' 3". I decided that I'd cut and cuff the jeans to make them into shorts, even though they were semi-new, but they'd never look good on me otherwise, so I went ahead and did it. They turned out great, but my mom was less than pleased because we had bought them a few months ago. After a long talking-to about my "irresponsibility" due to this event, I still believed that making those jeans into shorts was worth it.

Sweater: Lux, Shorts (originally jeans): Forever 21