Thursday, July 24, 2008

Deep down inside I know love will survive.

I am obsessed with slips. Ever since I saw The Dreamers, starring the gorgeous Michael Pitt and the elegant Eva Green, I've been desiring one. I have not a clue how, or why, I've become drawn to an item of clothing that would be hard to wear without exposing myself to the whole world, but I just have. In The Dreamers, Eva wears a beautiful, long, see-through dress that looks like some sort of slip to me. It's somehow sexy and classy at the same time. Take a look:

It's so pretty! I think I'm just drawn to pretty things... In any case, I browsed to check out what slips they had, since they're not very expensive and somewhat nice. I found two that I like, one a bit more scandalous than the other but I love both.

I can describe the above slip in one word: soft. It's beautiful and dainty and somewhat intricate yet still simple, and I'm just in love with it. I have no idea how I would ever wear it in public, but it's darling, and that's all that matters.

The second slip... Well, I adore lace, so I love how "all out" this slip is. However, I'm debating whether it's trashy or not (not that I would wear it in public/without anything underneath or over it).
I found another slip that I like a lot, too. I think it would be a lot more easy to pull off than the other ones that I like. The models in the photographs on the website are wearing it with dresses underneath, so it could work. I'm most likely going into Boston/Cambridge next week, so I'll have a ball in the Urban Outfitters there, trying on slips and just generally being silly. Hoorah.

Monday, July 21, 2008

99 Luftballons

Lately I feel like I live in the 80's. I've been listening to 80's music, scanning pictures of my parents from the 80's (as work for my mom), and wearing 80's-styled clothing. I LOVE IT. The 80's=epic win, even if it produced the scariness of this. So of course, this outfit was heavily influenced by one of my favourite decades.

Sweatshirt: American Apparel, Shorts: Forever 21, shoes: passed down from my aunt

I loooooove these sailor style shorts from F21. They're amazing. And not to mention cheap. The AA sweatshirt is totally reminiscent of the 80's style because of its brightness and bagginess, and its comfy sort of vibe. My heels are actually from the 80's. I found them in a box underneath my bed, and my mom thinks they were from either her or her sister's wedding. I love the heels, but I suck at walking in them so I don't know if I'm going to try that again anytime soon.

Anyways, I've been having a pretty good summer. I'm working for my mom, scanning photographs as I mentioned before, and I've been hanging out with friends, mostly my boyfriend Frankie and my friend Hannah. Since I go to a boarding school most of my close friends live really far away so I can't get together with them at this time. In any case, I've been having fun.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Rocket in the Sky

Story Time!
Yesterday, as I was trying to pick out what to wear, I rummaged through my bottom drawer desparately looking for a pair of shorts. Though I like the ones I own, none of them seemed to capture what I felt like that day. All of a sudden, my wide-legged jeans caught my eye. They're high-waisted and have a cute button that I sewed on the top in replace of the cheap one F21 provided. I thought for a second about those jeans, about how they look great on tall people, and sadly remembered my own height: 5' 3". I decided that I'd cut and cuff the jeans to make them into shorts, even though they were semi-new, but they'd never look good on me otherwise, so I went ahead and did it. They turned out great, but my mom was less than pleased because we had bought them a few months ago. After a long talking-to about my "irresponsibility" due to this event, I still believed that making those jeans into shorts was worth it.

Sweater: Lux, Shorts (originally jeans): Forever 21

Monday, July 14, 2008

Facehunter Favourites

Some of these outfits are loud and bright, and some are soft and sweet, but I love them all nonetheless. I guess I have a diverse range of taste.

Sunday, July 6, 2008


I'm Victoria. I'm a girl.
I like fashion. I dislike makeup.
I like music. I like movies.
I am passionate.
I will surprise you, I will speak the obvious.
I am captivating, I am eloquent.
I am boring, I am blatant.
I am just like everyone else in the way that I am unlike anyone else.
I am a living paradox.