Monday, August 4, 2008

I found blood and I saw stars

Today I had to have surgery done on my gums. I have recessive gum tissue, so I had an operation about a year ago to try to make my bottom gums thicker. It didn't work on some of my teeth, so this year I had to have a different type of operation, during which they take tissue from the top of the palate of the patient and sew it to the site of the grafts. It wasn't too bad, and it didn't hurt at all until afterward. Now I just have a bit of pain and discomfort, but nothing too bad. I just hope that recovery doesn't take to long. Until then, no hard food and no using my mouth... blahhhh.

This past Thursday I went into Boston with my boyfriend Frankie. We took the train and then we took the subways to navigate through the city and to get into Cambridge, where we shopped in Harvard Square and ate. It was really fun. I bought two shirts and a pair of socks/stockings from Urban Outfitters and a skirt/dress from American Apparel. Frankie even bought two shirts and a hoodie from American Apparel (much to his father's dismay). I was kinda disappointed though, because they didn't have any loafers in UO (at least, from what I could tell) and Frankie would absolutely NOT let me buy the fake glasses from there. They'd apparently make me look like a "tool". Pshhh yeah right, hehehe. But he bought me red aviator sunglasses, so it was okay.

Here are a couple of outfits that I've worn the past few days, including the clothes that I bought.

Shirt: UO, High-waisted skirt: American Apparel

My camera was not loving my face in these pics, so I edited/cropped it out. I love the design on the skirt. Ever since I saw the new striped version of the high-waisted skirt on, I wanted to buy it. However, when I saw it in the store, it didn't look that great. I looked through the rack and found this blue-printed version of it, and I just absolutely adored it. You can't tell by the pictures, but it makes my eyes stand out.

Shirt: UO, Skirt: F21

Yeah, I don't know. I like this outfit because of the contrast between the bright, bright pink and the black, but it's just okay.

And, just for your entertainment, here is a pic of Frankie and I.

We're cool.


MR style said...

oh u and your boy look so cute !! it's lovely seein lovers !

Hannah Cheeto said...

Glad the surgery wasn't too painful... feel better soon!

Sounds like the trip was fun. You're like the anti-tool so I don't think those glasses would have made you look like a tool but whatever. Red aviators=hot. The outfits are cute!

LCL said...

so cool.
I love the high waisted skirt
I need to find just the right one before school starts!

and as for "blue smurf day", no we don't have one
we have a red spirit day
do you have a make fun of lions day?

bruce said...

Hi Victoria how are you doing?I visited your blog and found it so interesting,Specially you were awesome..good job!!